Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Tuesday, February 9


  • Discussed test topics for Friday's test. Study up!
  • Took a mid-unit assessment of chapter 1 to focus our review for Wednesday/Thursday. We will review the results on those days.
  • Read an article about the coming presidential elections
  • Notes on chapter 29
  • Tonight, you should take notes on why the industrial revolution started in Britain. Be ready to discuss those ideas in class Wednesday.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday, February 5


  • Picked up books from library.  If you were absent, make sure you get your textbook as soon as possible.
  • Played vocabulary review games.  Test coming up on Friday, February 12.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Wednesday/Thursday, February 3/4


  • Notes on chapter 28
  • Practice CCOT essay.  See me for a make-up time if you were absent.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday, January 29


  • Period 1: went over course requirements contract. Signed contract due Monday.
  • Periods 6 & 7
    • Contract quiz
    • Notes: Factors of Production
    • Ampersand Ice Cream example
  • Students turned in chapter 27 summaries
  • Chapter 27 test
  • Read over CCOT rubric
  • Viewed essays year by year and their time periods

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wednesday/Thursday, January 27/28


  • Period 1 only: assembly with Chris Herren
  • Reviewed Course Requirements Contract. Signed slip due Friday
  • Chapter 1 vocabulary game. Copy terms and definitions from a classmate.
  • Quick write on opportunity cost
  • Ch. 1 notes. Copy from a classmate
  • Viewed video excerpts on the Islamic empires.
  • Registered for AP test. See me if you were absent.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday, January 15

  • Students turned in chapter 26 summaries
  • Test on chapter 26
  • Discussed grit and perseverance

Wednesday/Thursday, January 13/14


  • Guest speakers from EECU came to do a demonstration on handling personal finances
  • watched video excerpt on Japan, shogun and daimyo
  • worked on CCOT chart or chapter summaries or final exam review

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday, January 12

  • Completed Secret History of the Credit Card
  • Read article Eight Things Every Credit Card User Should Know
  • Turned in video notes
  • Condensed summaries into one summary for that whole section.
  • One student from each group will enter their group's summary into Prezi.
  • Handed out the CCOT chart for China.  See me if you were absent.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday, January 11


  • Continued the next portion of Secret History of the Credit Card
  • worked in groups on topics from chapter 26 and turned in summaries
  • see me if you were absent

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Wednesday/Thursday, January 6 & 7


  • Chapter 6 notes
  • pg. 153 #2, 3, 4. Students turned this in during class.
  • Watched the third Dave Ramsey video on personal finance.
  • Guest speaker: Jonathan Howry
  • Questions on the slave trade

Tuesday, January 5


  • Students completed page 145 #2, 4, 5 and turned it in.
  • Notes on chapter 24
  • video excerpts about Columbus and the Taino as well as Cortes and the Aztecs

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wednesday/Thursday, December 16/17

  • Video from Dave Ramsey on the dangers of credit
  • Video with questions: Cesar Chavez.  Go to tinyurl.com/vivalacausa to view the video.
  • Notes on population growth in western Europe and science and the enlightenment
  • DBQ practice.  If you were absent, you need to set up a make-up time with Mr. Fong

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday, December 15


  • Chapter 6 vocabulary. Copy those terms from a classmate.
  • Notes on chapter 23
  • video excerpt on the printing press
  • reviewed the chapter 20-21 test

Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday, December 14


  • Watched a video and filled out a worksheet about handling personal finances by finance guru Dave Ramsey.  See me for the work.
  • Notes on Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation
  • Video excerpt on Luther and the 95 Theses

Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday, December 11

  • Complete Apprentice episode
  • Test on chapter 22
  • Questions on the time period, due Monday
    • Global Interactions, 1450-1750
    • pp. 462-463
      ·      In 3 sentences, explain what the main broad theme or idea is of this time period.
      ·      What group created a barrier for trade between Europeans and others? What did Europeans do to continue their trading without that group’s influence?
      ·      What 4 countries acquired huge land-based empires? Countries from which continent established maritime empires? 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wednesday/Thursday, Dec. 9/10


  • Watched video on the effects of high school dropouts on the US
  • Chapter 12 test.  If you were absent you will take it in class the day you return.
  • Begin Apprentice episode.
  • Turned in and graded Connections sheet.
  • Did work on the components of the DBQ: thesis, groupings