Monday, June 02, 2008

Our First Summer Reading Get-Together!

The Last Lecture has shipped! I ordered it from on Saturday and I received an email today saying the shipment has left Sparks, Nevada and is on its way. Along with it are The Stories of John Cheever and my wife's summer reading book, Respectable Sins which she's going to be reading with some girlfriends. From one of Amazon's vendors, I've also ordered The Emperor's Children which I stumbled across and has gotten great reviews. It'll hopefully be one of my mindless reading books.
By the way, this is an example of some of the great bargains that are available on Amazon. I ordered the hardcover (almost 500 pages), which retails for $25. One of Amazon's vendors though was selling it, brand new, for $0.98! Shipping was $3.99 but all told, it was less than 5 bucks. Reading doesn't have to be an expensive hobby.

I've nailed down the date of our first summer reading get-together and it's going to be on Thursday, June 12th at 1:30 pm. I'm trying to find the best location for everyone so I'll talk to you about it in class. Looking forward to it!
TIME CHANGE: 7:00pm on Thursday June 12th!

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