Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Message to my odd classes on Thursday, September 24

Remember folks, I won't be in class on Thursday.  We will be having a substitute teacher and there will be an assignment that you will need to complete.  I'm looking for PERFECT behavior and I know you are capable of it.  Also, please remember that I will be following up on any absences from that day.  If you are absent and do not have a cleared, excused absence through the main office, it will be considered a truancy and you will be assigned a Saturday school--no fun!

If you miss me and get lonely in class, don't forget that my high school senior portrait is located at the front of the room and will be shining down upon you while I'm gone.


Anonymous said...

you look funny

Fong said...

okay, that's hurtful--yet something that i hear all the time