Thursday, September 17, 2009

U.S. History Wednesday/Thursday September 16/17

  1. Watched video clip of In America.
  2. Answered questions about the clip (copy from classmate).
  3. Notes:  The Immigrant Experience (copy from classmate).


Anonymous said...

we should really finish this movie. it's a really good one that is historical too, you can say. :) but not after school, before school, nor on the weekends. you get what im trying to get at?

---your student.

Fong said...

lol--i hear ya. however, the part that we saw was really the most relevant part to our curriculum. the rest of the movie is interesting, but doesn't apply as well to what we're learning. the video, btw, is not available at any of the nearby blockbuster videos. i had to go to first and bullard to get it, so if you're interested, that's where it'll be after i return it!