Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Period 2 U.S. History for Tuesday, October 13 and Periods 1, 3, 5 for Wednesday, October 14

REMINDER:  There are some big things that will be impacting your grade in the coming days. 
  • The Immigration, Industrialization, and Progressive Era Test is coming your way very soon.
  • The "Bringing it All Together" essay is due on Thursday (even period classes) and Friday (odd period classes).
  • The test review sheet is due on the day of the test as well.
Do well on these things and your grade will get a nice boost.  Slack off and do poorly, then your grade goes into the dumper.

Here's what we covered in class:
  1. Tips from the Write Source books for writing your essay.
  2. New vocabulary for our new unit on U.S. imperialism.  Copy from a classmate.
  3. Assembled the Imperialism Spectrum chart that we'll be using in class next time.

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