Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Periods 1, 3, 5 U.S. History for Tuesday, October 6

Hope you enjoyed the stations today.  Sounded like Pit kept everyone active and even stirred up some hostility!  Here's what we did today in case you were absent:
  1. Notes on political machines.  Copy from a classmate.
  2. Page 250 #5, 6 and page 272 #1, 2 all under the "Main Ideas" section (not the "Terms and Names" section).  This is due at the beginning of the period on Thursday, October 8.
  3. Played Pit.  This game is designed to help you remember what a monopoly is.  That is what guys like Rockefeller and Carnegie tried to achieve.  There is no make-up assignment for this game--you missed it!


Anonymous said...

Fong!!!! i need stuff for monday and there is no monday on there. whats is up with thatt???

Fong said...

hey, sorry about that. i was a bit confused because i've been following a different lesson plan for my U.S. history periods after my absences a couple of weeks ago. it's up now though.