Tuesday, March 09, 2010

U.S. History: Stanford and Cal--History on Campus

I grew up in the Bay Area and was a fan of both Stanford University and UC Berkeley, also known as Cal.  We lived 20 minutes from Stanford and went to some of their sporting events, yet my brother and sister went to Cal and my dad went to high school in Berkeley, so I guess we kind of had ties of some sort to both.  Both places are rich in history and Stanford counts President Herbert Hoover and John Steinbeck (who dropped out twice) as former students.

I came across this slide show from the L.A. Times and it highlighted some of the history behind the campuses, including the fact that the golden spike driven into the ground at Promontory Point, Utah to mark the joining of the transcontinental railroad is housed on the Stanford campus (Leland Stanford was a driving force behind that railroad.).  Take a look at the show.

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