Friday, October 01, 2010

World History for Friday, October 1

Above:  Video from the Louvre Museum in Paris.  Look for the quick shot of my face to prove that I took the video!

Above:  Approaching Notre Dame Cathedral.  Blown away!
  1. Notes on Event #6:  The Rise of Napoleon.  Be sure to copy those notes from a classmate.
  2. We looked at some of my pictures and video from the Louvre Museum (where the Coronation of Napoleon painting is on display) and Notre Dame Cathedral where Napoleon was crowned emperor.
  3. I handed out the outline guide for the storybook.  I don't have an electronic copy so I can't post it on the blog, so make sure that you pick one up from me on Monday.  In most classes we had about 15 minutes to work on the storybook. 

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