Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time 100

In case any missed needs the directions for the project yet again, here they are:

to become familiar with people who shape our world today
Write SIX SENTENCES about the person (in your own words).
Include at least one picture.
III.The Process
Read the Time summary.
Research using other sources (wikipedia, etc.) 
50 total 
Summary = 30 
Presentation = 10 
Picture = 10 
      ∙Time picture = 4 
      ∙More creativity = up to 10  


Sk0olBoi said...

hey mr fong its nicholas moua from ur 3rd period. i was wondering if i can work the project using powerpoint.

FongHistory said...

Nope. As I said in class, you need to actually complete a physical project. You can have a Powerpoint presentation in addition to the physical project if you want.