Monday, August 22, 2011

AP World History Reading & Questions

Sorry about the textbook issues in the library today.  The system was very slow and I know it cut into a few minutes of your lunch.  I enjoyed meeting all of you today and I look forward to the year we're going to have together.  Remember, MAY 17, 2012 is the big day.  We're 38 weeks away, 265 days away, and 165 school days away from the test!  Let's push ourselves to work hard and be prepared to go into that test with confidence.

I've tried to keep the reading short and cut out things that aren't pressing at the moment.  Here is the reading assignment for tonight.  
Chapter 1, pp. 8-12 and 17-26.
  • Start on page 8 with the first full paragraph ("Even more important than tools...").
  • End the first part of the reading when you get to the title Paleolithic Society in red on page 12.
  • On page 17, start where it says The Neolithic Era and the Transition to Agriculture.  
Here are the guidelines for the reading:
  • Be sure to also read the summary at the end of each chapter.  In fact, I found that reading those first (before you start the chapter) provided a good overview of what you'll be reading in the chapter itself.  For chapter 1, the summary is the very last paragraph on page 26 that starts with, "In many ways...."
  • Be sure to read and study all maps on the assigned pages.
  • As we make our way through chapters 1-8 in the next two weeks, you can skip the green Sources from the Past portions when you come across them.
  • Be prepared to discuss the reading in class tomorrow.  Come with some things in your mind that stuck out to you as you completed the reading.
Answer these questions by hand (not typed) and in your own words (don't copy stuff out of the book) on a separate piece of paper after you're done reading the sections.  I'm looking for thorough answers that may require you to use information from different portions of the assigned reading.  In other words, you won't always find the answer to a question in one place or one paragraph.  And yes, you need to write the questions too.
  1. Describe the earliest humans' technology and tools.
  2. What were the long-term
    • demographic
    • social
    • political
    • economic
    effects of the Neolithic Revolution?
Feel free to email me with any questions you might have.  If you get in touch at a decent hour, I'll be able to reply fairly quickly.

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