Friday, August 26, 2011

Period 4 AP World History for Friday, August 26

  • In class we turned in the signed contract.
  • Students then took the contract quiz.  
  • I lectured on chapter 3. Copy the notes from a classmate.
  • Complete the activity we began in class comparing Mesopotamia and East African societies (Egypt, Nubia)
  • Read pp. 94-103.  Take notes on key points and be prepared to discuss the reading in class on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Do we end on page 103, or do you want us to finish the chapter?

FongHistory said...

Good question. I looked at the pages yesterday afternoon and asked myself the same question. Not sure why I had you cut off at 103. Really, you should continue to the end of the chapter and especially the summary. Thanks for getting in touch.

Anonymous said...

Can you post up the new AP World homework?