Thursday, October 27, 2011

AP World History Announcement for Friday

Hey folks, as those of you who tried to attend the Power Review today know, I am having serious computer problems.  In fact, my computer just stays completely black and won't load up.  So I brought it over to the technology lab at the district office and they're having a look at it.  Hopefully all will be okay and life will go on as normal.

What this means for you though, is that we will not be having our chapters 15-16 test on Friday (rejoicing and cheering in the streets!), but will have it instead on Tuesday, November 1 (that's this coming Tuesday).  Also, the 15-16 study guide will not be due until the 1st as well.  Tomorrow, I will lecture on the rest of chapter 16, and we will score a DBQ from last year in order to further acquaint ourselves with the all-powerful document-based question.  Spread the word!

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