Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Period 4 AP World History for Wednesday, October 26

  1. Completed the group work on Production and Trade in the Indian Ocean Basin (411-418).  Groups typed their sentences into powerpoint and we shared with the class.  Nice work by all of the groups!
  2. I lectured on religion in India in the post-classical era.  (418-422)
  3. Test on chapters 15-16 will be on Friday.  The study guide is also due that day.
  4. Power Review will be on Thursday as regularly scheduled.


Wenting said...

will you be in during lunch time? i have to take a quiz.

FongHistory said...

Hi Wenting,
Sorry i'm just now responding. Make-up will be next Tuesday, Nov. 1 at lunch in my classroom.
Mr. Fong