Thursday, February 16, 2012

Period 4 AP World History Chapter 30 Study Guide: The Making of Industrial Society

1.     Watt’s steam engine
2.     Luddites
3.     Eli Whitney
4.     monopolies, trusts, cartels
5.     Crystal Palace Exhibition
6.     the demographic transition
7.     Thomas Malthus
8.     utopian socialists
9.     The Communist Manifesto
10.           Witte
11.           zaibatsu
12.           golondrinas (“swallows”)
13.           Henry Ford
14.           Josiah Wedgwood

15.           Explain why the industrial revolution began in England and not China.  Identify those critical factors that existed in England that made industrialization possible, and whose absence prevented an industrial revolution from occurring elsewhere.

16.           In what ways were families transformed by the process of industrialization?  Compare and contrast family structure before and after the onset of the industrial revolution.  Explain how the home was transformed due to changing roles for women and children within the family and society.

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