Thursday, March 29, 2012

Period 4 AP World History: Spring Break Stuff

  1. Chapter 37 Study Guide--due Tuesday, April 10th.
  2. Chapters 38 & 39 Study Guide--due Monday, April 16.
  3. Optional spring break extra credit assignment:
    Go to the Traditions and Encounters website:

    -Click on STUDENT CENTER.

    -From the menu on the left-hand side, find the red heading that says CHAPTER ACTIVITIES.  Click on the drop-down box and choose any chapter from 9 to 16.

    -Click on ESSAY QUIZ.

    -For each essay you answer thoroughly and accurately, you can earn two extra credit points.  You may answer up to three questions for a total of six extra credit points maximum.

    -If you choose to answer more than one question, they do not have to be from the same chapter--they can be, but they don't have to be.

    -Then email me your answers.  Instructions for emailing your answers will follow once you click SUBMIT ANSWERS.  My email address is

    -All answers must be submitted to me no later than midnight on Monday, April 9th.  Any submitted after that will not be eligible for extra credit.

    -It goes without saying, of course, that plagiarism or copying from someone else will not be tolerated and I will take 10 points OFF your grade if you choose to cheat (in addition to following all other school protocol for cheating).

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