Monday, April 30, 2012

Period 4 AP World History for Monday, April 30

  1. Students turned in the Matching Trios sheet.
  2. CCOT essay.  If you were absent, you MUST see me to take the make-up this week.
  3. Don't forget that this Saturday we will be taking the full-length practice exam here on campus.  We'll meet at 7:00 in my classroom.  Here is the student information sheet that you'll need to follow both on May 17th and for our practice test on Saturday.  More details to come in class on Tuesday.
  4. Today's review question:   Which military innovation did the Mongols expose Europeans to for the first time?
    A. The catapult
    B. The siege tower
    C. The battle axe
    D. Cavalry units
    E. Gunpowder
  5. Today's Crash Course video #7:  2,000 Years of Chinese History!

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