Monday, May 07, 2012

Period 4 AP World History for Monday, May 7th

  1. Collected the Matching Trios assignment, 600-1450 CE.
  2. Handed out the next Must-Know Dates for 1450-1750.  Due Tuesday, May 8th.
  3. Reminder:  Review test (for a grade) on Wednesday, May 9th.
  4. Handed out C&C Empires sheet which will be due this Friday.  If you came to one of the review sessions last week, you already have the sheet (it's the 8.5 x 14 sheet).
  5. Handed out the C&C essay for the week.  You should be researching the answer.  On Thursday (the 10th) we will have an after school review session (time not yet confirmed) during which students will write the essay.  It will be timed--40 minutes--with no notes.  If you do not attend the review, you will need to write the essay on your own at home and you should do so within 40 minutes and with no notes.  It will not be graded, but you will turn it in for credit and I will review it and critique it.  This completed essay will be due Friday if you do it at home.  Obviously, those who attend the Thursday review will turn it in that day upon completion.
  6. In class today we reviewed some of the multiple choice questions and answers from the practice test on Saturday.  Here is the answer key (with rationale) for the multiple choice portion.  Scroll down to page 61 or enter 61 in the window toward the top.
  7. Today's review question:  Which European power was first to establish large-scale slave-trading operations on the African continent for the purposes of export to plantations in the Americas?
    A. Spain
    B. England
    C. Portugal
    D. France
    E. Netherlands
  8. Crash Course video #15:  The Crusades

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