Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Period 4 AP World History for Tuesday, May 1

  1. Students worked on the next Must Know Dates sheet, 600 to 1450.  See me for the sheet if you were absent.
  2. Students who hadn't yet written the CCOT essay from Monday wrote that essay today.  If you still have not written that essay, see me ASAP.
  3. Today I announced that we will be having a review test (for a grade) in class on Wednesday, May 9th.  The test will be 70 multiple choice questions, like the AP test.
  4. Here is the next review question:  Which of the following trade networks is limited to the confines of the African continent?
    A. Triangular trade routes
    B. Indian Ocean
    C. East Asian Sea
    D. Trans-Saharan
    E. Silk Roads
  5. The next Crash Course review video:  12 minutes that could make a difference on May 17th


Christian said...

E: Trans-Saharan

FongHistory said...

Christian, you are right! Well done.