Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Wednesday & Thursday January 9 & 10

  • Greece and Rome Review Mini-Quiz (open book).  Print out this sheet, use your book (starting on page 5) and/or notes to answer the questions, then turn it in to me.
  • Treaty of Versailles Rags to Riches extra credit game (link to game will be added after period 7 on Thursday)
  • WWI benchmark.  See me to make this benchmark up.]
  • Video: Aztec Massacre
Watch Aztec Massacre on PBS. See more from Secrets of the Dead.

  • Stations:
    • Chapter 26 multiple choice quiz assignment, found here.
    • work on 4 questions
      • 1.How did the slave trade start? Foundations of the Slave Trade 706-707
        2.How did the slave trade work? Human Cargoes, Part I 707-708, end of top paragraph
        3.What was the slave experience like? Human Cargoes, Part II 708, 3 full paragraphs
        4.What was the impact of the slave trade? The Impact of the Slave Trade in Africa 709-712


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