Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday, December 16

  • Notes on the Protestant Reformation from chapter 24
  • Time to work on either
    • Chapter 23 quiz (open book, take-home) due Wednesday OR
    • Chapter 24 summaries/terms
  • Listed topics for the test.  Next review session will be Tuesday at lunch.  Topics for the test include:
    • vocabulary terms/definitions
    • 5 Motives for Imperialism
    • Africa before/after imperialism
    • key ideas from Gandhi
    • Berlin Conference
    • Boer War
    • who colonized various areas (see your notes from Nov. 14) 
  • Gave vocab from our next unit, WWI
  • Started the WWI map.  Finish labeling the countries and bodies of water--this is due on Tuesday the 17th. 

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