Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday, March 7

Completed our film in class today.

Remember, journals must be typed and must include the questions.  If typing them out and printing is impossible for you, see Mrs. Borges immediately.  Otherwise, we will expect you to have printed copies ready to turn in on Thursday.
  • Students turned in their chapter 33 summaries, terms, and essay.
  • Also turned in the Japanese/American imperialism notes and chart
  • Did an activity on the Battle of Adwa between Ethiopia and Italy.  Print out the materials and complete the assignment.  See me on Monday if you were absent in class today.  The assignment will be due Tuesday, March 11.
  • Chapter 33 quiz.  Make-up will be in class on Monday if you were absent today.
  • Chapter 34 reading schedule:
    Fri 945-950
    Sat 950-956
    Sun 95-962
    Mon 962-967
    Tue 967-974
  • Study guide to go along with ch. 34 summaries.
 Crash Course World History video on imperialism from chapter 33:

 Crash Course World History video on WWI from chapter 34:

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