Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday, March 17

  • Notes: Causes and Effects of the Great Depression
  • Handout: 6 Characteristics of Fascism
  • Reminder: Connections sheet is due on Wednesday, 3/19
  • Students turned in Hitler/Russian Revolution study guide to be stamped.  Mrs. Borges then returned it later in class.  They will be due for final turn-in on Thursday, 3/20.
  • Introduced the vocabulary for our next unit, World War II, through a game, vocabulary charades.  Copy the words and definitions from a classmate if you were absent.
  • Remember that Mrs. Borges will be having 2 optional review sessions each lasting approximately 20 minutes:
    • Tuesday 3/19 at lunch
    • Wednesday, 3/20 after school

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