Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday, April 25

  • I'm looking for a parent or another responsible adult to help with proctoring our practice AP test on Saturday, May 3 from 7:15 to 12 noon.
  • Reviewed an annotated DBQ and scored it as a class.
  • Students marked their own DBQ from the other day and turned it in again.
  • Homework: complete this 5 themes sheet and turn it in on Monday.
  • We will be having assignments due every Monday and Wednesday until the AP test.
  • Review opportunities are as follows:
    • Thursday, May 1 at lunch:  CCOT tutorial
    • Thursday, May 1 from 6pm-8pm. Meet in my classroom
    • Saturday, May 3, 7:15am to 12 noon: Practice AP test
    • Wednesday, May 7, 6pm to 8pm at Kuppajoy in Old Town Clovis.
    • Thursday, May 8 lunch: Comparative essay tutorial
    • Thursday, May 8, 7:15pm to 8:45pm:  Panera patio
    • Wednesday, May 14, 3pm-5pm, my classroom
  • Marshall Plan Debate
  • Cold War Notes
  • Video: Our Friend the Atom

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