Friday, April 04, 2014

Friday, April 4

  • Notes: Foundations of the Cold War
  • Chapter 37 Test
  • Students turned in chapter 37 summaries
  • Remember, on Friday, 4/11 chapter 39 (not 38) summaries are due.
  • Also, if you are attending the Asian student success conference on Friday, 4/11 you will be taking the 38-39 test on Thursday 4/10 and turning in summaries for 39 that day as well.
  • Showed musical tribute to the heroes of WWII shown in class today. Grab your tissues.

  • Notes on the Battle of Midway
  • Explored the USS Yorktown 16,000 feet under water
  • Took volunteers to read parts in an atomic bomb play that we'll read Monday. Extra credit for those volunteers.
  • Remember, we're planning to test on WWII on Thursday, April 10th. Start preparing!

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