Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Wednesday, April 2

  • completed notes on the European and Pacific theaters of WWII
  • watched excerpts from Ken Burns' The War
  • Reminder: we have a different chapter schedule coming up.
    -This Friday 4/4, it's business as usual; you'll turn in chapter 37 summaries and have the 37 test.
    -Next week you'll be reading through 38 and 39 but only doing summaries on chapter 39.
    -Friday, 4/11: chapter 39 summaries due, students will take chapters 38-39 test.
    -During spring break you'll work on chapter 40 and turn in those summaries the day we get back, Tuesday, 4/22
  • here's a musical tribute with scenes from The War that I'll be showing in class on Friday:

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