Friday, May 02, 2014

Friday, May 2

  • 13 days away from the AP test!
  • Students turned in Major Dates, Period 3.  Five Themes Period 4 is due Monday 5/5.
  • On Wednesday 5/7 we'll be having a quiz on the map regions.
  • Students paid for t-shirts.  If you have not, you need to pay on Monday!  $10.50
  • In groups, students read and scored two CCOT essays from 2008. Correct scoring will earn extra credit.
  • Information for the practice test tomorrow:
    If you are late (THOUGH YOU SHOULDN'T BE!!!) the practice test rooms for tomorrow are as follows:
    -Period 2--456
    -Period 4--403
    Remember to bring pencil, pen, and paper for essays.
  • Continue with yesterday's video Return with Honor

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