Monday, March 02, 2015

Monday, March 2

McFarland, USA Optional Extra Credit Opportunity
  1. Watch the movie McFarland, USA and save your ticket stub.
  2. Hand-write (don’t type) a 2-paragraph summary (6-8 sentences per paragraph) describing the story-line and the main characters.
  3.  In the summary, be sure to describe your favorite scene in detail and explain why it’s your favorite scene.
  4. Staple your ticket stub to the front of your summary.  You must attach your original ticket stub or you will not receive extra credit.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  5. Due date will be Monday, March 16.  No late summaries will be accepted.
  • Quick write: What are 3 traits you would want in a leader?
  • Notes: Reasons people followed Hitler
  • Why did people support Hitler? Answer the question with the quick write above and turn it in.
  • Handed out test information and registration forms
  • Discussed the motives for imperialism
  • video excerpt: Belgian imperialism in the African Congo

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