Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday, February 23

  • Completed Lost Boys article. Find the article here.
  • Completed questions for the article. Questions due Wed/Thurs.
1.   Title of Article/Source of Article (Magazine or Newspaper Name) and date of publication?

2.   Which types of economic systems are you able to identify in the article?  Give examples of each one you find.

3.   a) Do you think the Lost Boys will just survive or succeed in the US?
b)  What might keep them from doing well?

4.   a) How would the Lost Boys define success?
b) How would you define success?

5.   Was it fair that the U.S. government charged the Lost Boys to come to the U.S.? Explain


  • -worked on group powerpoint
  • -should have that completed tonight and ready to present wednesday

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