Friday, February 22, 2008

A Trip to My Old High School

UPDATE: Here's a link to the Stanford University/Hillsdale High School collaboration.

Wednesday and Thursday of this week Mrs. Dedekian, Mr. Hemaidan, Ms. Cruz, and I made a trip to visit a school in the Bay Area that is doing some things with their Smaller Learning Communities that Clovis East would like to do with ours. Mr. Martinez told us about the school and asked us to go visit it. Turns out, it was the high school that my brother, sister, and I all attended!
It was great to go back and walk those old hallowed halls as well as show Dedekian, Hemaidan, and Cruz where I went to high school. The school has changed a lot both physically and in the way they approach education and it's become a model school that is nationally recognized. Working with Stanford University, they've succeeded at making high school a very personal place where all students feel connected to the school and the faculty. I came away even prouder to be a Hillsdale alumnus.

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