Monday, April 07, 2008

Corporate Harlem Renaissance?

In U.S. History we had studied the Harlem Renaissance and talked about that area of New York City as a cultural center for African Americans.  I came across this picture and caption today which saddened me a bit.  Though the picture is from a few months ago, I'm sure the trend has continued.  (from Yahoo News)

 Patrons sit inside a Starbucks in the New York neighborhood of Harlem on Monday Dec. 10, 2007. Increasingly, Harlem's commercial and cultural backbone, 125th Street, has seen many of its black-owned businesses forced out by high rents and replaced by branches of national chain brands like Starbucks. Harlem is the historic capital of black American culture, but like many New York neighborhoods, it is rapidly changing and old-timers worry that redevelopment will wipe out mom-and-pop stores and affordable housing, along with the area's distinct character.

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