Monday, May 05, 2008

Summer Reading Plans?

Mrs. Nielsen in the LMC has done a fantastic job of encouraging reading and literacy on our campus. One way she is currently doing that is by asking people what their summer reading plans are. She will then be developing a display in the LMC based on those books.

So, I'm attaching my summer reading list. Okay, it's actually my Ambitious list. My Reality list may very well end up being the March issue of Outside Magazine and the Bed, Bath, and Beyond mailer, both of which are next to my toilet (know of any good deals on patio umbrellas?).

So what do YOU plan to read?

A Good School: A Novel by Richard Yates
The Story of Christianity by Justo Gonzalez
Prayer by John Bunyan


Cody Taylor said...

well i suppose i will re-read 1984 and utopia
alos i would like to read the grapes of wrath by john steinbeck and animal farm ,also by George Orwell

Fong said...

yes, the classic novels are a great place to start. one book that has a list of the books that everyone should read is called The Well-Educated Mind by Susan Bauer. 1984 and Grapes of Wrath are both on her list.

have you ever read Red Badge of Courage? i haven't though i should because it's historical and considered one of the all-time classics.

hope you enjoy your summer reading.

Robbie said...

I am going to read a new book called Slash. It is an autobiography about th famous guitar player and how he got into the music buisness

Jadee Clauson =) said...

I read this AMAZING book. It's called Twilight!!! I never thought that i would be so attached and obsessed with.... a book? HAHA

but i really was interested in this one. if anyone gets a chance to read it.... READ IT!!!!!

trust me you'll love it...

i do warn you though it might start out a little slow! but once you get a few chapters in... its like glued to your hand!!!


Fong said...

you guys are smart to pick books that really interest you. i'm interested in the classic novels, but i was at barnes and noble last night and saw a bunch of classic novels that really had no appeal to me (some d.h. lawrence and oscar wilde stuff) but did finally find one that i may pick up at some point (a jack kerouac book).

so my point is that you'll be much more likely to (1) enjoy reading and (2) actually finish the book if it's a book that really interests you. if you love baseball, read a book about baseball or a baseball player. if you love music, get a book about your favorite band, or in robbie's case above, guitarist. have fun with it!

Fong said...

btw, i saw the book at target today that i'd heard so much about. it's called the last lecture by randy pausch. kaylee k. from my u.s. history class will be reporting on him next week (he's on the time 100 list that those classes are doing presentations on) and i'm eager to see what she says about him.

he is a university professor who was diagnosed with terminal cancer fairly recently and this is his final words of wisdom to the world. the video is on youtube as well from what i hear. i might have to pick the book up this summer too. so much good stuff to read out there!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. FOng! this is Jackie Wethey well i just thought i would tell u a GREAT book to read is "Desperation" by Stephen King or even "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" it is also a movie, the movie is amazing.but it is about a man who was a doctor and his wife has twins but one is retarded and he gives the retarded one to a nurse who then takes care of her and he tells his wife the baby is dead, but the whols movie is amazing. i haven't read the book but my aunt did and she said it was one of the best books she ever read. well i was just waiting for the post about the new book for the summer book club but u haven't put it up. ill keep refreshing it. well thanks. i like the blog :D

Fong said...

Whoa, sounds like a crazy story. Stephen King stuff is just too much for me. I don't want to be spooked by the books I read, I want to be inspired! However, I'm glad that there are books out there that you're interested in reading. It's a lost pleasure among teens these days!

Jadee...aka... overly obessed!! said...

Heyy... sooo okay! everyone pretty much knows about the book twilight! that i am totally OBESSED with!! =) well im in the middle of reading the second book, new moon, and i have to admit!... it moves even more slow than the first one. but now that im all past the boring nonsense!!! its soo AMAZING!!!! =) i said it once.. and ill say it again and again until you do.... READ IT!!! =) ... please!=)

o btw mr. fong!!!
your blogspot ROCKS!!! its the new myspace...=)

even better actually.... ITS DRAMA FREE!! =) =)