Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mad Props to My Students!

I'm sitting down to write this at 8:54 on Saturday evening (the wife and I just got back from dinner--Cool Hand Luke's--and a movie--Made of Honor. The movie was lame, btw) and I'm happy to report that the Time 100 poll closed with 39 votes. Nice work folks! Very interesting to see your opinions. And there seemed to be some agreement that Mariah Carey should not be on the list. What surprised me is that all of the presidential candidates (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain) received quite a few votes. I'm glad you made your voice heard. Look for a new poll coming soon!


Anonymous said...

I saw Made of Honor and I liked it. It was a classic chick flick, but still, it was cute.

Fong said...

my wife and i both really wanted to like it, but we have to give it thumbs down.

first of all, why root for the patrick dempsey character? why should we want him to get the girl? he was a jerk!

also, the jokes just didn't work for me. when the guys get together to make the bridal shower baskets on poker night and the one guy left and his friends made fun of him and on the way out the door the camera zooms in on him sticking up his middle finger. come on, that's supposed to be hilarious??? no one in the audience even chuckled.

(SPOILER ALERT: do not read on if you plan to watch the film) but the MOST RIDICULOUS part of the film was when he is bummed out and she's getting married and he's going to leave scotland. on the way to the airport he encounters the dog on the road, pulls over, pets the dog and realizes, "no, i need to go back and marry her!" that was crazy. petting a dog on the side of the road was the awakening he needed to realize he truly loved her??? if the biggest decisions in life are determined by a chance encounter with a dog on the side of the road, you need more counseling than the world has to offer.