Saturday, May 24, 2008

United States History: Memorial Day Weekend

One of the things I hope that students gain from my history classes is an appreciation for the American military. It's important to remember that there are people willing to die for our country, willing to sacrifice their life for freedom and democracy. That's something that past generations understood clearly and that recent generations forget easily.

Here's a link to Yahoo's Memorial Day site. It has some fun traditional Memorial Day stuff (BBQ recipes and such) as well as links to some military remembrance sites like the Vietnam Memorial ("The Wall") and a site commemorating POWs. I LOVE the timeline at the top of Yahoo's site that, when rolled over, gives quick facts about different military actions (number of deaths, number of living veterans, years, etc.). Check it out and if you see something that strikes you, comment on it! Have a great weekend.

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Robbie said...

Thanks, and I'll see if I can play sometime. And i never new they had that website. I was looking for my ancestors one time and I found a guy named Levelle Nobles. He had military history and ws alive around the time of WWII.