Friday, June 06, 2008

Great Year

Just wanted to say thanks to you, my students, for a great year. I really enjoyed the vast majority of my students. Many of you worked really hard and can be proud of your efforts. Each class had its own personality and many of them were a joy to teach. Special props go out to my period 3 class who was a lot of fun for me to be around each day. There were some really personable, responsible students in there that were refreshing.

I wish all of my students the best this summer and in life. Like I said in class, I didn't get into the teaching profession to teach a class for a year and never see you again. Please come back and visit next year, keep me updated, and keep in touch. For you sophomores out there, I do have one period of U.S. History next year so the nightmare with Mr. Fong may continue!


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Anonymous said...

Mr.Fong ur class kicks butt

Fong said...

thanks dudes. i'm already enjoying this school year and we're going to make it THE GREATEST YEAR OF OUR LIVES