Sunday, September 28, 2008

United States Current Events: GOOD

Recently at Starbucks, I picked up a mini-newspaper they have near the drink-pick-up-bar called GOOD. Apparently Starbucks is sponsoring this non-partisan publication which is trying to educate the public on major issues, particularly leading up to the November elections. The current issue, on immigration, caught my eye because immigration is one of the topics we are covering right now in U.S. History. Among the interesting things I learned: the top five countries of birth for recent U.S. immigrants are (5) Vietnam (4) Philippines (3) India (2) China and (1) Mexico with 11.67 million.


Ali Halsey said...

jeff has been reading good for a while now. it's a great publication. did you see the issue about education? it was pretty interesting.

Fong said...

didn't see the education one but the immigration one was cool. who's getting your vote this november (besides ru paul)? i'm guessing i know already.