Saturday, October 18, 2008

Book Review Brief: Napoleon by Paul Johnson

Napoleon Napoleon by Paul Johnson

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
It's good but it also assumes the reader has a foundation of knowledge about European history and about the man. I like to think I do (in fact, I'd better as a history teacher) but I'm not sure this book is for everyone.

One thing he says in the beginning is that next to Jesus Christ, more biographies have been written about Napoleon than about any other figure in history. I find that hard to believe but I'm willing to go with it until someone proves it wrong.


Ali Halsey said...

have you listened to the napoleon podcast on itunes? it's not well produced but has lots of great information. good for world history teachers...and i do miss teaching it :(

Fong said...

haven't heard that podcast but i'll have to have a listen. once you're tenured you can start demanding world history and be really obnoxious about it.

Ali Halsey said...

i'm not going to lie, i've got econ down to a science, would be a shame to ruin that.

Fong said...

laminate your lesson plans and use them for the next 25 years