Thursday, October 13, 2011

Periods 1 & 3 U.S. History for Thursday, October 13

  1. We completed the Super Americans chart by finishing off the information on Theodore Roosevelt. 
  2. We then played a game of vocabulary bingo (from the words covered at the beginning of this unit--tenement, immigrate, monopoly, etc.) to help prepare us for the test.  And speaking of test...
  3. On Monday, 10/17 we'll be having a benchmark test on this unit and the previous unit (Foundations of America), and on Tuesday 10/18 we'll be having our unit test on Immigration, Industrialization, and the Progressive Era.  Be ready, those two days will be important ones for your grade!
  4. We then watched part of a video that is a good summation of what we've talked about so far in this unit:  immigration and industrialization.  Print out this question sheet, watch the videos below, and answer questions 1 through 9 (we'll answer 10 on Friday).  Here, through the magic of YouTube is the video we watched:

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