Tuesday, December 16, 2008

World History Extra Credit Opportunity: Valkyrie

Over the winter holidays, in addition to the extra credit I'm offering to my U.S. History classes, I will also be offering an extra credit opportunity for my World History classes.

During the spring semester we will be studying World War II and the rise of Adolf Hitler. Valkyrie with Tom Cruise is based on the true story of an assassination attempt on Hitler and will open in theaters on Christmas Day.

To earn extra credit, you must:
1. Be in my World History class.
2. Watch the movie.
3. Write a summary of the story and detail key plot elements and convince me that you were paying attention.
4. Attach your original ticket stub to your summary.

This will be due the day you return from winter vacation (January 6 for even classes, January 7 for odd). No late assignments will be accepted.

Also, some of us will be watching it together on December 26th at the Sierra Vista theaters. Stay tuned to the blog for that showtime.


xoxrelientkxox said...

Well me and Sarah need that time!!!! We're going to go see it tomorrow. Merry Christmas.


Fong said...

hey chloe,
see my blog entry above. i changed the date to saturday. hope to see you guys there.