Tuesday, February 01, 2011

U.S. History for Tuesday, February 1

  1. Notes on D-Day.  Be sure to copy those from a classmate.
  2. YouTube has been a great resource for my classes this year.  Not only do they have the Century videos posted but they also have Ken Burns' epic series The War in its entirety (and in really great quality), all 15 hours of itClick on this link then type The War Ken Burns in the search window and click the "Search Uploads" button to get to all of the episodes.
    Above, you'll find the episode from which we watched a clip today.  
    1. Drag the slider to 27:16 and watch until 28:20 to get an introduction to Walter Ehlers and his brother.  
    2. Then skip to 31:10 and watch until 46:08 to learn about D-Day. 
    3. Then drag the slider to 2:11:45 and watch until the credits for a great, short musical montage of some of the events the episode discusses, with music by Norah Jones.

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