Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Periods 2 & 6 World History for Wednesday, September 28

  1. Students turned in the worksheet that was about Napoleon's movements throughout Europe.  
  2. Review sheets on the French Revolution.  Students completed them in class and turned them in.  Our test on the French Revolution will be Tuesday, October 4.  Here are the two sheets that students completed:
    1. The French Revolution Begins
    2. Revolution Brings Reform & Terror
  3.   We also did a chart comparing the Glorious Revolution, American Revolution, and the French Revolution.  Students will be turning that in on Monday, October 3.  I do not have an electronic copy but students can get a copy from me on Monday (don't forget that I will be absent from class on Friday, September 30).


Anonymous said...

Where can we find all the assignments from this year?

FongHistory said...

If you scroll through each day on the blog you can find them that way. If you want to just stop by my room at lunch tomorrow, I can give you a list. I'm assuming you're a student, but I could be wrong. :)